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Spring is the Time to Stop Crabgrass

Pre-Emergent Crabgrass Control Stops Crabgrass Before it Starts

In Berkeley Heights, New Providence, Summit, and other surrounding communities, spring is the time to make one of the most important lawn care applications of the year, pre-emergent crabgrass control. Crabgrass is a nasty aggressive wild grass that is almost impossible to stop once it germinates. This pre-emergent application is combined with a spring fertilizer to help your lawn come out of dormancy, start to grow and green up!

The pre-emergent crabgrass control creates a barrier within the top inch of the soil, this barrier prevents crabgrass seeds from germinating. Crabgrass seeds germinate in the late spring and summer, so it is important that this barrier is not broken.

Don’t Aerate, Rake, Dethatch, or Seed After Pre-Emergent Applications

Aeration, Raking, Dethatching, and Seeding cannot be combined with this application. If you must seed, only spot seed in the spring, and then do a complete overseeding in the early fall. Early fall is the best time to aerate, dethatch and seed a lawn. In order to succeed with spring spot seeding, you must rake out the damaged spots. Raking will break the pre-emergent barrier, allowing you to then spread a light layer of topsoil and seed.

Other Tips to Prevent Crabgrass

Other tips for a crabgrass free healthy lawn would include mowing the lawn as high as possible and if you have an irrigation system, do not start watering before it’s...

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