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The Lawn Techs are located in Berkeley Heights, NJ and services Millington NJ and other surrounding towns. The company was founded in 1987 by Bryan Monty, a veteran expert in the lawn care industry. Our ongoing studies of the newest lawn, plant and pest control technologies allow us to provide you with the most effective, up-to-date and professional environmentally responsible service.

At The Lawn Techs, we always start with a free soil test and analysis. Then we customize your treatments to correct any nutrient excesses or deficiencies.

Our Lawn Health Care Programs for Millington NJ.

Organic Lawn Service in Millington NJ

We offer 3 tested and proven superior lawn care options, traditional lawn care, organic-based reduced pesticide lawn care and 100% organic pesticide-free.

Real Green Lawn Care Program with Grub & Insect Control (6 visits)

At The Lawn Techs, we provide you with the highest quality products and services at the best price. Simply put, we give you more for less!

Our most popular program! Custom agronomically-engineered program visits include slow-release fertilizer treatments combined with micro-nutrients plus beneficial soil supplements and a limestone pro-mix treatment to help maintain soil pH. This program includes maximum protection from invasive crabgrass, weeds, destructive grubs, and insects. With this industry-leading program, you will get a beautiful lawn with little to no problems.

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Natures Way Reduced Pesticide Program with Grub & Insect Control (6 visits)

This environmentally-responsible approach promises a beautiful lawn while reducing pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. Includes properly timed visits of slow-release synthetic and organic-based fertilizers. This program also includes protection from invasive weeds, destructive insects and grubs. The grub control product we use is an EPA Reduced Risk grub control product. Pesticides (crabgrass, weed, insect and grub control) will only be applied during the first 3 program visits, and the rest of the year you will have a pesticide-free lawn that looks great!

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Natures Way 100% Pesticide-Free Program with Grub & Insect Control (6 visits)

The real deal, 100% Pesticide Free,100% Organic and 100% Safe for adults, kids, pets and the environment.

The Lawn Techs 100% pesticide-free organic lawn care program is the real deal, no smoke and mirrors, pure organic products, and no pesticides. Our visits will improve your lawn with a variety of organic all-natural fertilizers enriched with beneficial bacterias, humates and more to naturally promote thickness, color, strong roots, and better soil.

Plus, we use the newest true organic crabgrass reducer, weed reducer, and insect & grub reducer. Limestone pro-mix is applied annually to help maintain soil pH.

Be aware of other companies that claim they are giving you "Organic Lawn Care".  In most cases, they are applying an organic-based product and still spot treating with pesticides.

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We also offer All-Natural Mosquito Control, Tick & Flea Control and Deer Control for Millington NJ!

Mosquito and Tick Control Service Millington NJ

All our services include Special Offers & Customer Happiness Guarantees!

If you live in Millington NJ then make the switch to the leader in, environmentally responsible lawn, plant and pest services.

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