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We are the #1 local environmentally responsible lawn care company offering our services to the Chatham, NJ community and surrounding areas since 1987.

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In Chatham NJ our Professional Services are 2nd to None!

"Your Neighborhood Lawn, Plant & Pest Specialists"

Unlike most of our competition, when you call, you'll speak with the owner and he'll be personally involved with all of your lawn, plant, and pest control needs.

Chatham Lawn Care Service Company

At The Lawn Techs, our 5-star rated company is built on the foundation of serving you, using old fashioned values - honesty, knowledgeable advice, top quality service, and amazing results. Every customer is treated like family and we execute our services as if it were our own property.

Plus we offer unbeatable special offers & guarantees that no competitor can match.

Lawn Care Services

At The Lawn Techs we do things differently for our neighbors in Chatham NJ, we do things the right way. We start by measuring your property online. Then rather than immediately giving you the lowest price possible and then making excuses and soliciting you all year on every additional service, we come and visit your property and provide a 14 point analysis so we are aware of everything on your property and can create a tailored plan for optimal results. Once you sign up with us, we provide a free soil test and analysis and customize our treatments as needed to correct and improve your soil & turf.

We offer you 3 different environmentally responsible lawn care programs that are all backed by our 100% Satisfaction Happiness Guarantees!

Please check out our competitors then browse our website and contact us for the best in service, results & rates.


Plant Health Care Services

Keep your landscape plants healthy and increasing in value with our services. Insects, disease and environmental stresses are ongoing and widespread. Without some type of program or service, it is only a matter of time before your landscape plants decline and/or die. We are educated and up to date on all the latest plant health care issues going on in Chatham NJ and surrounding towns.

Take advantage of our expertise and affordable costs and keep your trees and shrubs healthy for years to come.



Mosquito, Tick & Flea Control

The Lawn Techs will eliminate mosquitoes, ticks & fleas the environmentally responsible way! Here's how:

Our licensed and trained technicians will make optimal treatments customized to your property. Our technicians are the best in the industry.

We do not over-spray pesticides and still have the best guarantees.

We use the best products in the industry. Therefore we can spray less.

Our All-Natural spray is applied every 3 weeks (not 2 weeks) and our Barrier synthetic spray is applied every 4 weeks (not 3 weeks)

This results in less cost and inconvenience to you while reducing the negative impact on beneficial insects and the environment.

If you are ever not 100% Satisfied & Happy contact us and we will gladly come to respray for free at any time in between your program visits.

We have programs that target Mosquitoes & Ticks and/or Ticks & Fleas. Check us out, then make the right choice The Lawn Techs!




We stop mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas in Chatham NJ.

Chatham Mosquito & Tick Control

1st visit is Free when you pre-pay or get 1/2 off the 1st visit if you choose to pay as you go. Get your mosquito, tick, and flea control analysis and estimate today!

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