Longest Lasting Winter Deer Control Service

Deer feeding on your trees and shrubs can cause costly landscape damage while infesting your property with ticks and deer droppings. Stop deer damage now! We have your winter deer repellent solution.


One application of The Lawn Techs winter deer repellent spray lasts all winter long! Only for our neighbors in Berkeley Heights, New Providence, Summit, and surrounding NJ towns.


Stopping deer damage over the winter is really not that hard, the most effective and affordable way is to apply a thiram deer repellent to stop them. There are only a few deer repellent products that will actually work and we know which ones. 


What is the best deer repellent? The Lawn Techs uses a new proven and tested professional thiram deer repellent called Deer Pro. One application will last all winter long and will be up to 95% effective. Deer Pro is only available for licensed professionals and will leave a light green color on your plants that will fade away in the early spring.  We also have a clear All-Natural Deer Repellent Spraying Service option however it must be applied monthly. Our effective treatments work by both taste and smell. A smell that only deer can detect. Most other deer control products on the market simply do not work.


Another option would be to install deer netting instead of spraying. Deer netting is somewhat difficult to install but can be effective if installed properly. However, it may fail from snow, ice, wind, or deer pulling it off. Plus it needs to be removed in the spring before the plants grow.


If you're going to have your plants treated it is best to start your deer control spraying before the winter hits. October, November, and December are the best months to make the application. Remember when it snows deer damage grows. So be ready! 


Break the cycle! Deer have a daily routine of where to go for food. You must break their cycle by spraying deer repellent or installing deer netting. This will retrain the deer to look elsewhere.


Spring is here! Spring is the time to assess any damage if your plants did not get sprayed. Consider a tree and shrub feeding to strengthen and help fill in deer damaged plants. If plants are more than 50% damaged, it would be best to replace them with a new plant that is 100% deer resistant.


Spray for ticks - If you have seen deer on your property, you will have ticks in the spring and summer. Consider a tick control spray to eliminate the tick population living on your property.


If you have deer browsing your landscape all year, consider spring, summer, and fall deer control applications as well. Making applications to stop deer are much cheaper than replacing landscape plants or dealing with deer ticks and Lyme disease. 


Don't let the deer win! Stop deer today by contacting the deer control specialists at The Lawn Techs.


If you're located in Berkeley Heights, New Providence, Summit, or any of our other service areas, get your free estimate and deer control analysis today by calling The Lawn Techs at (888) 529-6832 or visiting thelawntechs.com


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