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Sustainable Lawn Care Service Programs

Step into the future with The Lawn Techs environmentally responsible lawn care service programs available in Berkeley Heights, New Providence, Summit NJ and other nearby towns. 


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The Lawn Techs offer 2 industry-leading lawn care service program solutions. Safer technologies for a sustainable future.

Our lawn care options include:


Real Green Signature Lawn Care plus Grub & Insect Control 

The Lawn Techs give you much more than standard old-school traditional lawn care. Agronomically engineered slow-release synthetic fertilizer treatments combined with organics, micro-nutrients, and soil supplements plus guaranteed protection from invasive weeds, destructive insects, and grubs. This program creates a lawn that is almost flawless while preparing to successfully enter into our reduced pesticide program.

It all starts with a soil test. Many times, your soil can be deficient in important nutrients or even worse have excesses, therefore we provide all new clients with a Free soil and pH test & analysis. We will correct any nutrient problems within the program visit costs. Additional costs may occur for pH corrections.

After using this program for 1 full year your soil nutrients will be in check and your lawn will be free from destructive crabgrass, weeds, and insects.
At this point, we recommend considering Aeration & Overseeding to incorporate the newest top-quality grass seed into your lawn. 
By using this program and our seeding recommendations you will have optimized soil nutrients and will have a beautiful lawn!
Now your lawn is prepared to successfully switch to our Natures Way Reduced Pesticide Program - or- you can simply stay with our awesome Real Green Signature Program. 

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Natures Way Reduced Pesticide Program plus Grub & Insect Control 

This environmentally responsible approach promises a beautiful lawn while reducing pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. Includes properly timed visits of slow-release fertilizers combined with organics, micro-nutrients, and soil supplements.  Plus protection from invasive weeds, destructive insects, and grubs.

Pesticides (crabgrass, weed, insect, and grub control) will only be applied selectively during the first 3 program visits, and the rest of the year you will have a pesticide-free lawn.

*Includes protection with 1 low-impact preventive grub & 1 surface insect control treatment to help protect against grub and insect damage. 

*You can opt-out of pesticide use completely at your request.

.View Natures Way Reduced Pesticide Lawn Care

Yard in New Providence, NJ being treated with our custom lawn care program

Our Lawn Care Programs include Special Offers & Happiness Guarantees that our competitors can not match!

If you're located in our service area then click or call us at (888) 529-6832 to get your free lawn estimate & analysis.

Required NJ Licenses: NJ Certified Pesticide License #94858A & NJ Certified Fertilizer Applicators #C004782



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