Traditional Preventive Grub Control

Grubs are serious pests that can destroy a lawn!


A grub is a slug-like larva that will develop into a beetle. There are many different varieties, the most common is the white grub. Grubs begin their life cycle in mid-summer to early fall as larvae. While in the larvae stage they live right below the ground surface and feed upon the lawn’s root system. This is undetectable until brown patches of grass develop. Unfortunately, once discovered, an infestation usually has caused irreparable damage to your lawn.

How do I control grubs in my lawn?

A traditional preventative grub control treatment is the best way to prevent grub damage. It is also the most cost effective and will give the best results. Some manufacturers and lawn care companies such as 1.888.Lawntec will even guarantee results. The downside is that this is a chemical that will stay in the soil for a period of time and will be toxic to beneficial insects and aquatic life if applied incorrectly. To be 100% safe and make the product effective it needs to be watered in and dry before adults, kids and pets use the lawn.

Post-emergent products are used to kill a live active problem when the grub damage is happening in front of you. Make sure that you are not using a preventive product to stop the problem, you will need a post-emergent product. These post-emergent products cost more than the pre-emergent grub killers. This is also a chemical that will be toxic and to be 100% safe and make the product effective it needs to be watered in and dry before adults, kids and pets use the lawn.

It is almost impossible to predict if you have grubs until the damage is done so again adding a preventive treatment to your annual lawn care program is the best way to go.

When should I put down grub control?

Late summer to fall is when grubs feed and create the most damage. So, late spring into summer is the best time to apply a pre-emergent preventive grub killer. This way it has time to work into the soil and protect the lawn.

Post-emergent grub control is applied to a live problem, so typically late summer thru fall. However although rare if you have serious infestation grubs can also feed and do damage for a short time period in the spring.

Do I need to apply grub control every year?

For the most protection and least problems, most people apply preventive grub control annually. This is similar to an insurance policy but on your lawn. However the answer to the question, no you do not. The problem is that your lawn will be at risk and if damage occurs it usually costs much more to repair than the cost of the preventive application. When using an annual preventive grub control application at 1.888.Lawntec we will guarantee no lawn damage from grubs or we will repair the damage for free. 

How do you get rid of grubs in your lawn naturally?

Thanks to new innovations in lawn care grub control products there are safer options that work. There is an EPA reduced risk synthetic grub control and a new all-natural organic grub control product. Both of these products have been tested and proven effective. Contact us for the details on these simply safer grub control products.

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Written By: Bryan Monty
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