Your trees and shrubs took a beating over the winter. Now is the time to give them a boost with Annual Root Feeding injections!

Your landscape is an investment that should increase in beauty and value every year as plants mature. However, plants are living things and are subject to constant stress from the harsh environment here in the New Jersey area. For success, your plants need special care before they show signs of distress and decline. This is where Annual Root Feeding comes in.

Benefits of Annual Root Feeding

Annual Root Feeding of landscape ornamentals provides many benefits such as:

  1. Root feeding is a feeding that gets deep down into the plant’s lifeline; its root system. This encourages strong deep root growth that will help plants withstand stress and decline.
  2. This injection into the root zone is by far the best way to feed landscape plants and it is fast acting since the plant can quickly absorb the nutrients.
  3. Root feeding also helps the plant’s health all year long since the nutrients needed for plant health are now available in the soil.
  4. Poor soil conditions will be revitalized and improved.
  5. During the spring landscape, plants use a lot of energy to flower, push out new growth, and seed, leaving them stressed going into the hot summer. So, a spring feeding is very beneficial to overall plant health.
  6. Plants will grow healthier and flower longer with an annual feeding.
  7. Healthy plants will be more resistant to dry weather and drought.
  8. Healthy plants will have a better natural defense against insect and disease attacks.
  9. Your landscape investment and plant’s beauty will now increase instead of declining.
  10. Consider our Deep Root Feeding with Biopak - This liquid application will give your trees and shrubs a one-year feeding of top quality fertilizer with micronutrients and organics. 1888 Lawntec’s specially formulated combination product will increase your plant's health and vigor, strengthen a plant's natural defenses, encourage root development, and improve soil conditions better than any other product available.

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Bryan Monty

Written By: Bryan Monty
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