Preventative Grub Control Options

Every year grubs cause millions of dollars in lawn damage! Protect your lawn care investment with our preventative grub control treatment. Available in Berkeley Heights, New Providence, Summit, and surrounding towns in New Jersey.



Grub Control Services In Berkeley Heights, New Providence, Summit & Nearby Areas


Stop grub & insect damage with The Lawn Techs proven treatments.

Treatments made by us are the most innovative in the field, properly timed, safe, and effective.

EPA-Reduced Risk Preventative Grub & Insect Control

Included with our Real Green Signature Lawn Care Program our Nature's Way Reduced Pesticide Lawn Care Program

This product has been classified by the EPA as Reduced Risk. Therefore it is less toxic to the environment and has a low impact on non-target organisms such as bees, birds, fish, and mammals.

This application also helps control surface-feeding insects.

This application MUST be watered in. 

Protect your lawn care investment!  If you're located in any of our service areas, click or call us today at TOLL FREE 1-888-LAWNTEC!

Required NJ Licenses: NJ Certified Pesticide License #94858A & NJ Certified Fertilizer Applicators #C004782

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